No Person is an Island

No matter your title, experience or skill-set, we all, on occasion, need a helping hand or a sounding board. Who can you talk to that has had similar experiences? Who can you run your idea past certain of an objective, considered and professional hearing?

Our people have significant leadership and negotiation experience at the highest executive levels in the sports industry. Use our experiences to shape, sharpen and challenge your senior executives approach.

We have team members who have extensive television, radio and press presentation, writing and interview experience. We’ll walk you through the do’s and don’ts and encourage you to face these challenges with confidence.

Our suite of services for people in sports includes

Management Mentoring

Our team have led at the highest levels of the industry. We’ll help to ensure your team learn from our experiences.

Media Appearances

We have team members who will ensure you are confident, polished and ready for all public or industry facing opportunities.

Senior Management Recruitment

Stakeholder Sport will help you identify the right person with the right skill set to suit your requirements.

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