Sports Rights – Our Business

Sports rights as a buyer, seller or commercial associate can be intimidating, confusing and complex to distil.

In an ever evolving, highly competitive, multi-platform environment our team will navigate, develop and deliver targeted market-leading strategies and solutions no matter the size and nature of your business or your level of prior industry engagement.

With multiple years of successful premium rights negotiation our team has the practical experience to guide your journey.

Our suite of services on sports rights include


Our team of vastly experienced rights negotiators can deliver a clear strategic pathway to optimise the potential of your approach to the market.

Negotiation & Representation

Stakeholder Sport will ensure you and your organisation are represented accurately and appropriately in all aspects of the rights process.

Market Evaluations

Unsure of the value of your rights? Unsure of the value of those rights you may wish to purchase? Our senior team will asses the actual market value.

Tender Packaging

Ensure that you are fit for purpose. Our team will advise on the best and most appropriate options of bringing your rights to the market.

Commercial Exploitation

Our team will work to partner your rights with the appropriate commercial sponsor.

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